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The goal of hitting clinics/ lessons is to evaluate, set goals, and build the player in a successful direction. Jimmy Escalante shares his experience and knowledge not only as a professional pitcher/pitching coach with the Oakland A’s organization, but also as a professional catcher/hitter with the Baltimore Orioles organization. Our hitting program is based on his two way knowledge of the game.


The goal of  pitching clinics/ lessons is to establish the starting point from which a young player can build. We recognize the important role technology plays in today’s modern baseball game. By offering feedback from modern advanced technology and a professional level of coaching experience, we are able to help young players improve their game.


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Former Pitching coach with the Oakland A's and former player with the Baltimore Orioles and Anaheim Angeles.

14 Years experience in pro baseball as a switch hitting catcher, first, and third baseman, pitcher and pitching coach. 

My goal is to offer first hand knowledge and training to all my students that want to step up their game. I teach the same training that other baseball players receive at the professional level. 

We will work on the fundamentals of baseball, and common denominations in your swing or pitching delivery that Major League players strive to perfect. 

As a two-way player, I have the ability to teach the mental approach you will need on the field. 


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If the Oakland A's trust him, why shouldn't you?
One of the most successful organizations in professional baseball developing pitchers is the home of Jimmy Escalante. He has been a part of the knowledge, years of experience, and passed down to him to teach our young pitchers in this organization. From Treinen, Gio Gonzales,  Harden, Anderson, Cahill, Dull and Braden,  Jimmy has experienced and taught the best! This experience with Jimmy will change your pitching experience-Don't miss it!

— Grady Fuson, Special Assistant to General Manager,

Oakland Athletics




3455 Edison Way Menlo Park, CA 94025

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